Selene Klasner

Andrea not only took excellent pictures, but taught me so much about being in front of the camera. I'll always remember what he said - "if you don't look good in a headshot, it's the photographer's fault, not yours!" He made sure I was getting exactly what I wanted out of the session. He has such a keen knowledge of the industry as well as photography, so produces photos that not only look great, but are sure to get you noticed by a casting office! Can't thank him enough. Highly recommend!

Jason Sleisenger

Shooting headshots with Andrea is like shooting with a fun, care-free friend you have known all of your life-with the impeccable and precise attention to detail as the true artist he is. A session of almost 800 shots flew by like it was a couple of minutes since he is so funny and engaging. He is also an expert in understanding facial expressions to minute detail and really knows how to bring out the best in you, visually and emotionally. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking for headshots that bring out the best, natural look in you.

Carlotta Seganti

In an industry that's heavily polluted with shady, mediocre headshot photographers, Andrea is an amazing breath of fresh air! My 8 year old daughter had a fantastic first photo session experience, with spectacular results. Andrea was patient, charming and fun, making sure she was comfortable and relaxed. It was obvious he knows his craft well, taking ample time to adjust lights and explain favored positioning in order to achieve optimal results.. and all the while cracking jokes! He's super personable, professional, and by the end of the session my daughter felt like a pro! Thank you Andrea, we will definitely be back!!.

Michael McFall

Love my headshots!!! Andrea took time, helped me relax and set the mood. First we talked about the characters I want to play. Then we talked about my framing, lighting and background. Andrea helped me see how my body language would convey the essence and expression I wanted in my photo. Then we started to take the headshots. He gave me instant feedback on my expressions and made small adjustments on the fly with helpful direction. Andrea is a one-of-a-kind photographer in quality and professionalism. Andrea also has great referrals from working actors.

Jordann Zbylski

Andrea is truly one of the best headshot photographers in LA!! I am so grateful to have found him, because as someone who usually dreads getting headshots, I was pleasantly surprised to find our session was stress-free, very informative, and even fun! Now for the headshots: I love them, my team loves them, and they actually look like me! Andrea was able to capture looks for me that I audition for all the time but my headshots have never really gotten quite right. He is extremely kind, detail-oriented, and an exceptional talent in the headshot photographer community of LA. I recommend him completely!

Tony Nevada

Truly the best experience I have had doing headshots! Andrea is incredibly professional and supportive. He made the shoot fun and easy and the results are astounding. I highly recommend and will be returning in the future.

Yuki Sakamoto

The headshot session with Andrea was amazing!
He gave me advice in various points of view as a photographer, producer, casting director, actor etc...
It helped me so much and I learned from him how to express myself in front of the camera.
He also suggested that I should do a skincare model or beauty model during the session.
I filmed a cosmetic product commercial as a skincare model right after the headshot session!!
I highly recommend Andrea,
because I am convinced you will find your new self in both outside and inside!!

Daniel Beer

I was struck by how incredibly generous Andrea is, taking his time to shoot each look, and then again with a different set-up. He's going to make sure you get the best headshot. Which makes you feel relaxed and confident. A great experience.

John Herzog

Andrea, is a master photographer and a strong advocate for his clients. He spent hours shooting my portfolio with laser focus on the details of each shot. Be prepared to be pampered and discover the headshots you've always wanted. I highly recommend AiHeadshots!!

Carolyne DeBlois

Andrea is quite honestly amazing. I have always been a bit nervous going into headshot sessions and everything about the way Andrea works and shoots made me extremely comfortable and at ease. He allowed me to do as many looks as I wanted and really took the time to help me find exactly what I was looking for. Together we were able to create very specific looks which I know will make a huge difference when it comes to casting and finding an agent. He is also a very trained photographer and understands how to coach you to move and work with the camera. I will definitely shoot with him again!

Jake Prideaux

Andrea made the whole process of taking headshots relaxing and amazing. Fantastic experience, and for myself, being away from the lens for nearly 20 years, this is exactly what I needed!

Joy Kliewer

"Andrea is the very best! He has a lovely way of making you feel so comfortable in front of the camera - and the session is fun! I can't recommend him highly enough. Thank you, Andrea, for the beautiful photos and your wonderful presence and all the time you spent. A gifted photographer and artist. Highest recommendation."

Kip Gilman

"Andrea was fabulous. He showed great care and gave all the time necessary for the best pictures I've ever gotten. 
He's really a gem."

Kim Burns

"I had a great experience shooting with Andrea! He's super supportive and really aware of your casting and what each look is saying. Really wonderful to work with!"

Gary Mosher

Best headshot experience I have ever had. He made the experience educational and easy, he is very patient an takes his time to get the best possible shot. Andrea is a true professional, who has a lot of good insight on subtle facial expressions that can say big things on camera. Really a pleasure to work with.

Alisa Torres

Andrea is professional, creative and has a great eye for capturing an actor's inner artist. A truly wonderful experience!

Steve Vinovich

"I loved working with Andrea from start to finish, I had phenomenal experience working with him. His laid-back manner immediately put me at ease and in the right frame of mind for the headshots. He goes beyond the norms and gives it his best effort to show the true identity of a person through the pic. My managers and agents were thrilled as well. He is also very welcoming and empathetic and I truly would recommend him to anyone looking for a headshot for personal or professional means."

Caitlin Arndt

Andrea is awesome! He knows how to capture not only your good side but also knows how to take headshots that will get you in the room! I am not terribly photogenic but Andrea knew exactly how to get me to look my best. He is an expert at subtly and knows how to guide you to get your best result. Plus he is also great at making one feel at ease and enjoy the session. Highly recommend!

Dylan Iannolo

Extremely nice and very professional. Made me fell comfortable the whole time while cracking jokes to help get through the boring parts. He used great techniques to get the desired looks we wanted. Fair priced and amazing quality. I absolutely recommend.

Danika Elvine

"Very kind and professional. Made me feel comfortable right away and helped coach me in a way to get the best shots possible! Also a very quick turn around from the shoot to the time he sends the proofs."

Mahyar Mirzazadeh

"Truly professional, knows how to get the best qualities out of you to make the greatest headshots, and the final product is always top notch. Best offer one can get!".

Susan Angelo

"Andrea Iaia is a gifted photographer. He creates a calm, collaborative space and coaches you to get great headshots. He is an artist, I loved shooting with him."

Todd Kliewer

"Top notch quality and professional images! The quality of work by AiHeadshots is excellent. The sitting was smooth and comfortable. It is my pleasure to recommend this artist to my friends. Thanks, Andrea!"

Libby Baumgartner

Andrea is excellent! He is professional, friendly, and beyond helpful! I would recommend him to anyone

Chris Clyne

"Quality headshots for a great price! Andrea takes the time to find the perfect look for you, and will make sure that you look your best. He is very kind, efficient, and makes the process run smoothly. Thanks!"

Abby Craden

"Andrea did an amazing job! I felt totally comfortable and in great hands for the session. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

Logan Chase

"I highly recommend this service. Andrea is very friendly and professional, He knows how to give you a practical and balanced headshot."

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